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A selection of poetry by Dr S.N Solomons (©)


So, in the end
I told my anger to my friend,
and he gazed down from
his superior intelligence
saying in a loud voice
that anger was a vice,
a destructive emotion,
violence a primitive notion ,
and neither should be allowed
to linger within and fester
“It makes sense!” he said.

At this point I am afraid,
suffering from schadenfreude
and surfeit of good advice,
I left my friend behind.

I made up my mind,
sought out my foe,
told him my anger
and hit him very hard
upon the nose.

And to tell the truth,
my anger did depart,
along with one tooth,
and I felt better.

Frames of Mind


Slumped in a dull red sulk
he sits, ego pulsing inside
its slender shell of identity,
around his psyche.

The child within
peers out, tearfully.
Given time he’ll
mend his mind
glue around the cracks,
reconstruct himself
even admit his lack
of maturity.

A Birthday Poem to my Wife

So many ways
To punctuate time.
Dates, anniversaries,
Not forgetting birthdays.

Notes in your diary
Knots tied in string
Knots in your mind.
And all for untying.

Watching the dials
Nicely mathematical
See how the seconds go
Neatly staccato.

Marking infinity.
Dissecting eternity
Leaving no trace
On the surface of Space.

Figures and figments
Projections of mind
Second hand measurements
Imposed on Time.

But this special day
There’s no more I can say,
Except you are my wife,
My love, my life.

November 16th 2003

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