Portly person, short of sight,
steady progress through the soil.
doing breaststroke in the night,

“Scrape and shovel, scratch and wriggle.
What a really scrumptious weevil!”

Guided missile with its Radar,
sensitive to sound and odour.
careful and methodical.

“Dig and scrape and reach and rub!
I’ve found a highly juicy grub”

Whiskers locked on to the smell,
target ineluctable,
titbit so delectable.

“Double, double, double dug!
A most delicious tasty slug”

Unseemly heaps of crumbly soil,
left behind at intervals,
not where he is but where he’s been.

The chagrin of the bowling green.

“Shove and shovel, scoop and squirm!
Half a mo, I’ve got a worm…..”