The pale gold light
creeps into my silent room
touching my face
I know that you are here.

Softly contours form
as the colours
take the place of grey

Translucent gold hits the mirror
and reaches my lonely bed.

Dispels the grey mist which lingers
on the window pane
Deepens the image and I see you.

Pale blond light
where your hair once shone.

Lonely shadow of my
former self
I languish here.

But then your dear voice calls
with comfort, love
and says
“I have not left,
while your fond memories remain.”
I think of you and you are here
beside and within

Your image fades
but you are still here in me.

You must
you must come back
if only at dawn.

See through the tears of gold,
you are here once more
Your ghostly presence
fills my poor heart,

searching my mind
once more to be as one,

here is your body
so close to my own
in this spectral world
we share our thoughts.

My soul now quiet at last
my yearnings on hold.

The golden glow brings me peace
and I might face another day
(c) E M Solomons